Q. Who Is Cash Note USA?

Cash Note USA, has been in business for many years. Today, we are the premier real estate note buyers in the nation. We are a sound financial company, one you can trust to serve your financial needs quickly and efficiently. Our highly qualified, experienced Investment Analysts are glad to assist you.

Q. Why Would I Want to Sell My Real Estate Note?

When you convert part or all of your real estate note into cash, you gain several advantages in addition to immediate cash:

1) You don not have to worry about the payments you receive each month slipping away on life is little expenses.
2) You receive a substantial sum of cash right now enough to accomplish some major goals.
3) You don’t have to worry about collecting monthly payments or servicing your note; we’ll handle it.
4) You don’t have to worry about whether the taxes and insurance premiums are being paid each year to protect your investment; we’ll handle it.
5) You don’t have to worry about whether your purchaser will continue to make their payments.

Q. What Are The Tax Implications Of Selling My Note?

We don’t offer tax advice and you’ll need to confirm with your CPA. We’ve found that in most cases, if a seller claimed the installment sale tax method back when they created the note and if they are selling it now for more than their basis, then they will need to pay tax on any capital gains. Since a note could also be sold at a capital loss, it may actually reduce taxes owed come April 15th. Make sure you chat with your tax professional to find out exactly how selling your note will impact your taxes.

Q. What Happens If I Sell You A Partial And The Payor Defaults?

When we buy a partial, we will set it up with a third party servicing company to monitor the payments and track how much of the note both you and the investor own. If the note defaults and the property are resold, the investor is entitled to their remaining portion first and you get the rest. Our Investors have bought several thousand partials and the best thing is for you to speak with one of our note specialists who will share our partial agreement with you. You can even take it and have your attorney review it if desired.

Q. What Exactly Is A Partial?

When you sell a partial, you keep part of your note. The most common partial is where you sell a certain number of the upcoming payments. Let’s say you have the 10-year note and decide to sell the next 5 years of payments and keep the back 5 years. The other method is a split payment partial where you sell a portion of the monthly payment and keep the rest. Partials are a great way to free up the exact amount of cash you need without selling the whole note at a big discount. To learn more about them, download our free Partial guide here.

Q. Do I have to sell the entire note?

No, mortgage note owners have the option of selling only a portion of the mortgage note. In the event of a partial sale, a loan servicing company receives the payment from the payer. The servicing company then divides the money between the mortgage note purchasing company and the original note owner.

Q. Do You Buy Non-Performing Notes?

No. But we do have relationships with experienced non-performing note buyers that we can refer you to. Please talk to one of our specialists to find out our recommendations.