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About Cash Note USA

Cash Note USA stands as a private real estate investment firm with a strong focus on residential mortgages notes and commercial real estate mortgage notes. Our expertise lies in the direct acquisition of diverse financial instruments, encompassing both performing and non-performing notes. We extend our assistance to private mortgage note owners, aiding them in resolving various challenges. Whether it’s the desire to relieve themselves of note maintenance, seek funds for reinvestment, settle debts, or any other financial need, we offer a pathway to swiftly convert note payments into immediate cash

Why Choose Cash Note USA

We are dedicated to offering note sellers and owners a reliable exit plan and seamless execution for selling debt instruments on the secondary market. These instruments encompass mortgage notes and small business notes.

As the foremost experts in purchasing private mortgage notes nationwide, we’re committed to collaborating with you to meet your immediate and future financial goals.

Easy Online Free Quote Form

“Our user-friendly online Free Quote Form simplifies the process of getting an offer for your note. In just a few easy steps, you can provide the necessary information, and our team will promptly assess your note’s value, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience.”

Fast And Quick Cash Note Offer

“Experience the speed and efficiency of our Fast and Quick Cash Note Offer service. We understand the importance of swift access to funds, and our process is designed to provide you with a rapid and competitive offer for your note, ensuring your financial needs are met promptly.”

Highest Note Price & Terms

“At CASH NOTE USA, we prioritize offering our clients the highest possible note price and favorable terms. Our commitment to competitive pricing and flexible options ensures that you receive the best value for your note, tailored to your unique financial needs.”

Seamless and Smooth Closing

“Experience a hassle-free and straightforward closing process with us. Our commitment to an easy and simple closing ensures a smooth and efficient transition, allowing you to access the funds you need without unnecessary complications.”

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

“CASH NOTE USA is a leading buyer of real estate notes, specializing in the acquisition of performing and non-performing 1st & 2nd-lien notes throughout all fifty U.S. states. Often referred to as private mortgage buyers, promissory note buyers, or mortgage purchasers, we assist individuals looking to sell their notes following owner-financed transactions.”

Personalized Service Excellence

Our Fundamental Principles

Focus on Seller Satisfaction

Transparency and Trust:

We prioritize transparency in every transaction, building trust with our note sellers through open communication and clear processes.

Expertise and Experience:

With years of experience in the industry, our team possesses a deep understanding of note buying, enabling us to provide insightful guidance to sellers.

Fair and Competitive Offers:

We are committed to offering fair and competitive prices for your notes, ensuring that you receive the best value for your assets.
Best Offers

Efficiency and Speed:

Our streamlined processes and dedicated team members ensure swift and efficient transactions, minimizing delays for our note sellers.

Personalized Service:

We recognize that every note sale is unique. Our personalized service caters to your specific needs and goals, making the experience tailored to you.
Top Service

Commitment to Compliance:

We uphold the highest standards of compliance and ethics, providing peace of mind to note sellers throughout the transaction.

Full Spectrum Note Buying:

Whether you have performing or non-performing notes, residential or commercial, we have the expertise and resources to purchase a wide range of note types.

Accessibility and Support:

Our responsive team is readily available to answer your questions, address concerns, and guide you through the entire note-selling process.

Long-Term Partnership:

We view each transaction as the beginning of a long-term partnership. Our commitment to your success extends beyond the sale, ensuring ongoing support and assistance.

We have been buying private & institutional notes For Many Years.

Are You Ready To Sell Your Note?

At Cash Note USA, we specialize in directly purchasing a wide range of financial instruments, including Residential and Commercial Mortgage Notes, Promissory Notes, Privately Held Real Estate Notes and Contracts, Land Contracts, Trust Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Contracts for Deeds, Structured Settlement Payments, All-Inclusive Trust Deeds, Wrap Around Mortgages, Seller Carry Back Paper, Business Notes, Lawsuit and Insurance Settlements, Lottery Winnings and Lotto Annuity Payments, Annuities, Multi-stage Payouts, Inheritances and Probates, Lottery, Casino, and Sweepstakes Winnings, Government Pensions, Mobile Home Land Contracts or Notes (with Land), Divorce Settlements, Life Insurance Policies, Business and Industrial Notes, Partial Purchase of Notes, Standard Full Note Purchases, and Portfolios. Please note that Cash Note USA does not provide legal, tax, or financial advice.

We can help you get the funds you need quickly so you can move forward with your plans.

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