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Real Estate Mortgage Notes

Unlock your cash potential today – sell your real estate mortgage notes to us and avoid all the headaches!

Commercial Notes

Explore new opportunities – sell your commercial mortgage notes with us for cash now!

Business Notes

Unlock your business's potential with a streamlined infusion of cash by selling your Business Notes to us.

Land Contracts

Sell your land contract to us for top dollars and secure the highest return on your investment.

Structured Insurance Settlements

Sell your structured insurance settlements for cash to gain financial flexibility and meet immediate needs.

Non Performing Notes

Sell non-performing notes for cash to maximize returns and eliminate the burden of collections.

Divorce Settlement Liens

Sell your Divorce Settlement Liens to us for top dollars and gain immediate cash liquidity.

Loan Portfolios

Unlock top dollar value for your loan portfolios and get fast cash by selling to us.

First & Second Deeds Of Trust

Unlock top dollar value and fast closings for your First and Second Deeds of Trust by selling to us for cash.

Different Types of Property We Buy Notes On:

Debt Relief Opportunity

pay off debts

Selling a mortgage note to pay off debts provides immediate cash relief, simplifies finances, and potentially boosts credit scores.

Diversify Investment Portfolio.

diversify your portfolio

Selling your mortgage note provides liquidity to diversify your portfolio, reducing dependence on a single income source and potentially enhancing overall investment stability.

Simplified Debt Management

Collection Relief

Selling your mortgage note to Payment Collection Relief ensures a hassle-free, worry-free approach to managing your financial future.

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The purchase price depends on factors like the note’s balance, interest rate, and property value. We’ll provide a competitive offer based on these factors.

Our fees are typically covered by the buyer. You won’t incur any upfront costs or hidden fees when selling your note to us.

The timeline varies but can typically range from a few weeks to a couple of months. We strive to complete transactions as efficiently as possible.

Yes, you’ll continue to receive payments until the sale is completed. Afterward, the buyer will start receiving payments.

Once the note is sold, the buyer assumes the risk of default. You won’t be responsible for collections or potential losses.

Yes, we can discuss selling a partial interest in your note if you prefer to retain some of the future payments.

We’ll provide you with a detailed analysis and offer to help you make an informed decision based on your financial goals.

Absolutely, we encourage you to seek professional advice to ensure that selling your mortgage note aligns with your financial objectives. We’re here to assist throughout the process.

Note are bought in many different ways and some of them are as follows:

A “whole note full purchase” refers to the complete sale of an entire promissory note, typically associated with real estate or other loans. In this transaction, the note holder transfers all rights to future payments, including principal and interest, to the buyer in exchange for an immediate lump sum of cash. This option provides the note holder with immediate liquidity and eliminates the future risk and responsibility associated with collecting payments, making it a straightforward way to realize the full value of the note upfront. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a clean exit from their investment or financial commitment.

A Partial Note Purchase is a flexible option for note holders seeking immediate cash while retaining an interest in future payments. In this arrangement, you sell a portion of your note’s payment stream, allowing you to access upfront funds without completely divesting your investment. It’s an advantageous choice when you want to strike a balance between satisfying current financial needs and maintaining a stake in the long-term revenue from the note. Partial note purchases are often structured to provide a lump sum upfront, followed by the remaining payments as they become due. This approach allows you to optimize your cash flow while still benefiting from the potential returns of your note investment over time.

The sale of balloon payments offers flexibility for note holders. Whether you choose to sell all or only a portion of these lump-sum payments, it allows you to access immediate cash while potentially retaining some future income. Selling all balloon payments can provide complete liquidity, while selling a portion strikes a balance between cash needs and maintaining a stake in the long-term income stream, providing a tailored solution to meet your financial objectives.

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